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Skill stop slot machines. I have many styles of skill stop machines in various stages of refurbishment. Some single line win machines and some five line win machines. I get these machines all the time. I refurbish them and resell them. All the machines I sell are in good mechanical condition some are in different stages of wear.

AUTOSLOT Auto Stop forPachislo Skill Stop SlotMachines

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AUTOSLOTAuto Stop enables your Pachislo Skill Stop machine toperform more like traditional Las Vegas slot machines.

No longer any need to press thestop buttons!


AUTOSLOT Auto Stop is the best value of any unit currently on themarket!

  • Ourunitfits practically every Pachislo machine made in the last 15years!

  • SimpleInstallation, No soldering! Simply replace one cable with the AUTOSLOTAuto Stop cable.

  • Allsettings adjustable by using the 3 existing reel stop buttons on yourmachine.

  • Youcanselect Auto Stop mode ON or OFF.

  • Theorder in which the reels stop is selectable between traditional left toright order, or random order.

  • Youcancontrol both how long until the reels begin to stop* and how much timebetween each reel stop.

  • Allsettings are retained after machine is turned off! No need toselect each setting every time the slot machine is powered up.
    (Ask the competitors if theirs does this!)

  • Includes label with function summary.

(Note:buttons must be held down for 2 ormore seconds.)


Auto Stopmode, press down the left reel stop button while the reels arestopped. To turn it OFF, simply press down the left buttonagain.

Randomorder, press down the centerbutton. The microcontroller uses a Random Number generator tochange the stop order on each spin. Press down the centerbutton again to switch back to Left to Right.

Spin-Stop Delaytime from a minimum of 1 second to a maximum of 3seconds. To Decrease the Spin-Stop Delayby ½ second, press down the left and center buttons at thesame time. To Increase the Spin-Stop Delayby ½ second, press down the center and right buttons at thesame time. Repeat as needed.

Reel-ReelDelaytime can be changed to 1 second by pressing down the left and rightbuttons at the same time. Press down these buttons again toswitch the machine back to ½ second delay.

Restore theDefaultsettings (Auto Stop On; Random Off; 2 sec Spin-Stop Delay; 1 secondReel-Reel Stop Delay) by pressing down all three buttons at the sametime.


whenbutton(s) held for over 2 seconds

ToggleAuto Stop Mode On/Off

ToggleRandom Mode On/Off

DecreaseSpin-Stop Delay by ½ sec

IncreaseSpin-Stop Delay by ½ sec

ToggleReel-Reel Delay between ½ and 1 sec



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AUTOSLOTuses a state-of-the-art microcontroller to control themachine’s stop function. It uses themachine’s reel stop buttons as inputs. By pressingdown the buttons for 2 or more seconds, you tell the microcontrollerhow you want the machine to stop the reels. Themicrocontroller stores these settings in EEPROM memory, that willretain the settings for up to 40 years with the power off! Nobattery backup needed. You can change the settings any timeyou want.


Openthe front door and locate the stop board in your machine. (Location varies, but the stop board is usually located towards theback right of your machine.)

However,if your stop board looks like this next picture, then you have an OLDmachine,

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Unplugmachine from the outlet. Open the machine door. Locate the stop board and remove the 30 conductor cable by pressingdown on the two cable release levers. (Do not disconnect theother end of the cable from the motherboard). Plug the end ofyour existing cable into the AUTOSLOTAuto Stop cable and the other end of the AUTOSLOTAuto Stop cable into the connector on your stop board, making sure thelevers latch back into place. Close the door, turn on thepower and you are ready to go!

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