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This has been a year that’s involved a lot of things: a global pandemic, repeated national-level lockdowns, tiered systems, the US elections… hell, we’ve even had official details about Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2. There was really only one way this was all going to end: iconic American action star and internet meme Chuck Norris is now in World of Tanks.

Oct 24, 2014 Due to the simple fact that World of Tanks doesn’t feature a huge amount of items players might like to trade with each other, the title doesn’t incorporate an Auction House. Players are limited to one garage slot per nation and have to purchase additional slots using the premium currency only available with real-world money. Garage Slots and buying/selling tanks - posted in General Discussion: Let me see if I get this right. For non-premium vehicles. You can sell non-premium tanks to free up slots. You can always buy back the non-premium tanks sold. But you would lose 1/2 of the price of tank and 1/2 of the price of all equipment.

The action wargame about hopping into an armoured vehicle and duking it out with others in tank-on-tank multiplayer warfare is about to kick off its ‘Holiday Ops’ event for the Christmas period, starting next Wednesday and running all the way through January 11, 2021.

It will involve a new holiday-themed hangar, which like last year players will be able to collect ornaments and other decorations to increase the Christmas feeling, and also the amount of rewards they can get from in-game challenges. The 'ornaments' range from a pianist, to a Christmas tree, to actual ornamental items.

And yes - Chuck Norris will be there. This is apparently the first time he has engaged in this kind of ambassadorship of a videogame, and his first experience with VO work as well. Mr. Norris will be offering players a series of daily challenges (32 in total), each with their own special rewards.

There are some extra valuable ones in there as well, such as a special vehicle slot for the Holiday Ops period. You’ll be able to choose your own vehicle bonuses, including ‘Commander Chuck’ himself.

Igt elvis slot machine. The last piece of the ‘Holiday Ops’ puzzle will involve the return of the Snow Maidens. They will each be giving out special daily gifts, and each maiden has a specific collection representing Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year and Magic New Year. By selecting rewards from the same collection each day, a special meter will fill up and lower-tiered ornaments will be excluded from your daily gifts.


As a final gift, all players will also receive the new Tier IV German tank destroyer, the Pz.Sfl. IC, as well as an autoloader. You can play World of Tanks for free right now, and the festive events will kick off next week on Wednesday, December 9 2020. has an affiliate partnership with


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